patch the sky with 5 colored stones

Trailer for a featured film conceived by Daria Faïn.

Film commissioned and presented by The Chocolate Factory Theater. Produced by the Prosodic Body LLC.

In September 2020, my collaborators and I worked with The Chocolate Factory to shoot 6 scenes for the feature film of patch the sky with 5 colored stones.

Informed by my decades-long investigation into the divine feminine were solos, collaborative duets with choreographers/performers Melanie Maar and David Thomson, and group works originally set for the stage, reimagined for the film.

Realized in collaboration withAlex Romania, director of photography (USA), Anaïs Maviel, vocalist/instrumentalist/composer (France / USA), Athena Kokoronis, artist (USA), Christian Konrad Schröder, composer/musician (Austria), David Thomson, performer (USA), Melanie Maar, performer (Austria / USA), Robert Kocik, poet/architect (USA), Saúl Ulerio, performer and performance consultant (USA), Tuçe Yasak, lighting designer (Turkey / USA), Tuomas Laitinen, director/performer (Finland), Alexis Convento, project manager (Germany / USA), Annie Wang, web developer (USA), LD DeArmon, technical director (USA), nb zhong, creative editor (USA), and Shana Crawford, assistant (USA).