patch the sky with 5 colored stones (PTSW5CS) is a work instigated by director and artist Daria Faïn alongside 15 international collaborators in performance, music, design, poetry, architecture and film. Originally, the work was intended to premiere as a performance at The Chocolate Factory in September 2020. As the pandemic swept across the world, Daria and her collaborators embraced the uncertainty and dislocation of the lockdown. PTSW5CS has since manifested into 24-hour digital events, an original feature length film that is currently in-process, and an online platform, which you are currently viewing.

The online platform is a container that holds past, present and future PTSW5CS iterations of work. On the platform, you will find a host of contextual materials such as writings, conversations, photos, and films made by Daria and her collaborators. The skull on the main page represents the crown of the head that connects us to the sky, from which five dynamic agents come from. Their respective colors come through the lens of Chinese energetics and the 5 Element Theory: red (Fire), blue (Water), green (Wood), yellow (Earth), and white (Metal); it is activated by a timeline of events that represents each iteration of PTSW5CS.

grid of collaborators photos
patch the sky with 5 colored stones is instigated by  Daria Faïn, in collaboration with  Anaïs Maviel, vocalist/instrumentalist/composer (France / USA),  Athena Kokoronis, artist (USA),  Christian Konrad Schröder, composer/musician (Austria),  David Thomson, performer (USA),  Melanie Maar, performer (Austria / USA),  Robert Kocik, poet/architect (USA),  Saúl Ulerio, performer and performance consultant (USA),  Tuçe Yasak, lighting designer (Turkey / USA),  Tuomas Laitinen, director/performer (Finland),  Alex Romania, director of photography (USA),  Alexis Convento, project manager (Germany / USA),  Annie Wang, web developer (USA),  LD DeArmon, technical director (USA),  nb zhong, creative editor (USA), and  Shana Crawford, assistant (USA).
patch the sky with 5 colored stones is commissioned and presented by The Chocolate Factory Theater with support from the Austrian Cultural Forum NYC, Brooklyn Studios for Dance, a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant, Kone Foundation, Movement Research (MR) with a 2019 MR Residency, funded by the Scherman Foundation’s Katharine S. and Axel G. Rosin Fund and by the GPS/Global Practice Sharing program of MR with funding from the Trust for Mutual Understanding, and New York State Council on the Arts.